How can I know exactly what component of a service contributed to the cost of the service


My current Cost and Usage report for my personal AWS account shows a total cost of $45 broken down into the cost per Service.

$23 for Route53 and $17 for VPC.

How can I know exactly what components of these services are costing me this much?

I usually use IaC to spinup, test, troubleshoot and then destroy anything I build.

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Login to your AWS account and navigate to the Cost Explorer ( There you can set the report parameters of the cost and usage graph to Group by Dimension "Resource" and you can also apply filter by "VPC" and "Route 53" services. Then you will be able to see the specific resources within these services and their relative contribution to your costs.

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answered 4 months ago
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  • Thanks for the feedback. That is exactly where I am and all I see is the cost per service I need to drill down further into each service to know exactly what in that service contributes to the bill.

  • When you Group By -> Dimension = Resource You get the granularity per resource by ARN within that service. For example in VPC you can see the Elastic IPs, VPC endoints etc. Doesn't that answer your need?

  • I needed to enable resource-level data in Cost Explorer Cost Management Preferences. It says the data will be enabled within 48 hours

  • Correct, you only have to do it once. Please provide feedback once the data becomes available.

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