Supplying SCC subtitles to MediaLive without embedding them into the MP4 file



Is there any way to supply SCC subtitles (eg CEA-608) to a MediaLive input stream as a separate file / link, rather than embedding them into an MP4 file?

Thank you!

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AWS Elemental MediaLive does not support SCC caption sidecar. The supported caption/subtitle formats are listed here. Alternate option is to use AWS Elemental MediaConvert to convert mp4 file with scc caption sidecar file into an mp4 file with embedded captions that will work in MediaLive. The list of supported input captions/subtitles in sidecar format for mp4 output are listed here. If you need help in setting up a easy to use file transcode workflow with MediaConvert workflow, I would recommend deploying the VOD on AWS Foundations solution.

answered 2 years ago
  • Thank you for the answer! I think that MediaConverter will re-encode the whole video - do you know if there’s a way to set it to just embed the subtitles without re-encoding?

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