ECS Fargate + Service Discovery + ALB


A customer wants to use ECS Fargate to run tasks with AWS Service Discovery front-ended by an ALB (to manage scaling and TLS). In testing, Service Discovery bypasses the ALB and just sends requests to the tasks.

Is the Service Discovery -> ALB pattern just not supported? They're trying to avoid deploying something else to manage (Consul for example).

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Service Discovery is an alternative to ALB, and makes use of Route 53 hosted zones. As new tasks are started, they are automatically registered into the Route 53 hosted zone under the 'friendly' service name, and other services can then use this name when contacting their dependencies.

ALB can be used either simple to balance incoming traffic from customers to your first tier of services, or as an alternative to Service Discovery by providing your applications with a DNS endpoint to use when they need to contact their dependencies.

answered 6 years ago

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