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/How to successfully delete versioned files in S3/

How to successfully delete versioned files in S3



How do I delete groups of versioned files in S3? I have thousands of files and do not want to have to select to delete each file. I have added a Lifecycle rule but it does not seem to be deleting the versions.


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What issue do you have deleting non current versions through lifecycle?

There is a great blog post around using lifecyle policies for noncurrent versions :

Lifecycle policies are a great mechanism for current and non-current versions of objects. You can select how many versions to keep as well as number of days after which the non-current version of the object should be deleted. You can apply this at a prefix level or bucket level for filtering.

answered a month ago
  • Thanks for the reply

    I have a bucket with multiple prefixes e.g. bucket1\300\2006\1 I would like to delete all versioned objects from 300 down II have a lifecylce rule with the following options checked Expire current versions of objects Permanently delete noncurrent versions of objects and a prefix of 300 but the versions are not being deleted



Once you define a lifecycle rule for a noncurrent objects for a given prefix , you also need to configure 'Days after objects become noncurrent" and "number of newer objects to retain". Please follow the blog instructions as it will show you step by step.

As always test this with a small number of objects e.g. instead of using 300, you can use the 300/2006/1 to delete objects under that prefix.

Once the lifecycle is configured, there might be a delay in seeing the effect. See below article that explains it in detail.

answered a month ago

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