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Different types of S3 storages and which should I use in my case?


Hi, my website is a multivendor shop where people can sell digital downloads. Those digital downloads consist of heavy zip files (can be from 10mb all the way to 10gb or more in really rare cases)

I understood there are many different types of S3 Storage and some cost way more than others, What is the recommended use in a case like mine? is it the default storage or should I move it to a glacier storage or something cheaper?

I'm not streaming any audio or video, just delivering those product files to users upon purchase, could be once a day, 100 times a day or no downloads at all for ages for different products. I'm mainly concerned about making sure that when the user clicks "Download" hes file starts downloading without any huge delay and that it wont be limited to like 20kb or something

What would be the best solution in my case? thanks for your time.

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Hi There

You choose a class depending on your use case scenario and performance access requirements. You have to look at the access patterns for objects to determine which is the best storage class. For your use case, it sounds like you want to avoid any archive tier that would result in a long retrieval time. If you know the access patterns then you can organize your objects and put different lifecycle policies on the prefixes to tier them down at certain intervals.

You can also look at Intelligent Tiering which will handle this for you. S3 Intelligent-Tiering is an Amazon S3 storage class designed to optimize storage costs by automatically moving data to the most cost-effective access tier, without performance impact or operational overhead. It wont use any storage class that has a high retrieval time, like Glacier Deep Archive.

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answered 6 days ago

Since you have unpredictable access patterns, but are aware that some files may be accessed less frequently, I would recommend using S3 Intelligent-Tiering: . That should take care of the complexity of you figuring out which storage class to use for cost effectiveness, as it automatically moves between Standard, Infrequently Accessed, and Archive Instant Access based on frequency of access. You will also avoid delays when your users download files with those three storage classes.

answered 6 days ago

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