EC2 in region us-east-2c network issue


We have noticed network connectivity issues at our EC2 server in region us-east-2c , specifically we are unable to connect to it for SSH and Web services while still being able to access the server from SSM manager , cloudwatch recorded a drop in network traffic during 8:30 AM UTC , we are not using aws support package , anyone have this problem ?Enter image description here

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I would check to see if any changes have been made to your instance's Security Group or the NACL assigned to the subnet. You can utilize the VPC Reachability Analyzer to troubleshoot your network traffic flow.

One other note - If you stop and start an instance your instance is usually deployed to different hardware.

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answered 17 days ago

this problem lasted for about 30 minutes, we didn't edit Security Group or Network ACL parameters before, during the crash I was able to access the server via SSM session and I found that the server lost connection to the internet because when trying to ping and resolving some domains and IP addresses like , , etc returned no response

answered 17 days ago

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