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Hi - we have customer service hours that depend on the number the customer is calling (we offer different levels of service). If a caller is calling outside of the hours that their SLA entitles them to we offer them a callback the following day, which is great from a service and retention POV. However, as we have agents still logged in servicing the same queue but for more premium subscribers, they obviously immediately get the callback - What setup/logic would you advise so that these calls can be queued until the next working day, etc. The logic to check which number a caller is calling is all done in the main contact flow, with all valid calls being routed straight to the queue, and invalid calls (at that time) being offered a callback.

Each user has their own routing profile,with some users assigned to more than one queue.

Any help gratefully received.

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There is no inbuilt way to schedule callbacks for a certain time, particularly as the Initial Delay option doesn't support using attributes. There are a few ways of approaching this including but not limited to:

  1. Create a new queue and add it to the appropriate routing profiles, then use this queue for the callbacks, then use check hours of operation and a wait block in the customer queue flow for that queue.
  2. Use tasks. Tasks can have the start time set, up to 6 days in the future. The tasks could then be either sent to agents and they then manually make the callback, or you can set the callback number from the attributes attached to the task and add the call to a queue as a normal callback.
  3. Do what I did for a customer that wanted scheduled callbacks and create a full system for handling the callbacks. This gives the most control as with this I have been able to have limits to the number of callbacks allowed so the system doesn't get overwhelmed (i.e. you don't end up with 100 callbacks waiting first thing in the morning), and it gives the customer complete visibility of waiting callbacks and the ability to edit/delete them if necessary. But this of course is a much larger piece of work.

For a quick result I'd go with option 2, but for a long term robust solution option 3 is better.

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  • Thanks for the thoughtful and detailed answer - yep, 3 seems like a great solution. As you say, we could take the calls out of the Connect domain completely until they should be re-queued. Nice.


Came across this helpful github project. We're going to evaluate it for our use-case where we don't want to call people back too early in the morning (we have some reps that come online at 6am and some people just don't want to be called back that early).

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