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Hi AWS community:

I'm using AWS GreenGrass device shadow service to store some data, I'm interested in version history of device shadow so I could inspect data change over time, does device shadow service support such thing out of box?

An alternative I'm exploring is finding out if device shadow supports any triggers so I can call lambda to record current device shadow document. (however I haven't found any documentations about this).

Any advices are appreciated.

Thank you

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At this time, there's no shadow history built into the service. You would need to create the history yourself by using AWS IoT Core Rules to process shadow document changes as they are published on Device Shadow MQTT topics.

There is a Lambda rule action but it may be more cost effective to instead use the one of the other Rule actions to simply store each version of the shadow document. For instance, a DynamoDB rule action.

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answered 8 months ago

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