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/Is DataAPI for Aurora v2 / v3 planned?/

Is DataAPI for Aurora v2 / v3 planned?


Is DataAPI (and the query editor) support for Aurora Serverless v2 or v3 planned?
The docs simply state "The Data API and query editor aren't supported for Aurora Serverless v2.".

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Thanks for reaching here. I have searched internally that there is an existing feature request for the same. Data API for serverless v2. It is just that we do not have ETA when this feature will be announced. Please stay updated through:

[+] [+]

answered a month ago

Can you confirm whether or not it will be before the end of life of serverless v1 data api? Seems like a disaster for those using it if its not before the end of that (approx 7 months from now)

answered 23 days ago

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