How to remove network interfaces?


I created 3 EC2 instances within 3 subnets. Meanwhile, I created 3 network interfaces in the subnets for the 3 EC2 instances. I terminated the 3 EC2 instances. However, the 3 subnets and network interfaces can not be deleted because their status is in use.

How to remove them?

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answered a year ago
  • It does not work. When I attempted to detach the network interface, there is an error--The network interface can't be detached, Network interface is in use by another service.


Which was the use case for these ENIs? Did you use them to connect to any other service? Can you review in the Network interface ID Under Description you can see which is the service is attached. It seems you have any other service attached to it, first you need to find that service before being able to delete the ENI.

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answered a year ago

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