AWS CodeBuild .NET 4.7.2 support on Linux/Ubuntu Runtime


Hi All,

One of my customers is trying to build their .NET application which uses .NET Framework 4.7.2. Region : ap-south-1 (mumbai), There is no windows runtime available.

Customer can not change to .NET Core 5/6.

Kindly suggest is there are any recommendations to execute this build on Linux/Ubuntu with any compatible packge (i.e Mono etc)


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Hi Varun,

.NET Framework applications can only be built on the Windows OS, not on Linux. If AWS CodeBuild does not support Windows build environments in your region, then there are two alternatives:

  1. Configure AWS CodePipeline to execute the build on an EC2 host running whatever build software you prefer. Most people use Jenkins for this, and there is a AWS CodePipeline Plugin for Jenkins that you install on the Jenkins build server that allows integrating CodePipeline and Jenkins. This is the approach I recommend. You can read the tutorial, "Create a four-stage pipeline" to see how to set this up.
  2. Alternatively, you could set up your CodePipeline using CodeBuild in another region that supports Windows build environments. Then, configure CodeBuild to push the artifacts (the compiled .NET Framework project, including assemblies, etc.) to an S3 bucket. Then, configure another CodePipeline in your region (Singapore), which has an action that pulls the artifacts from S3 and deploys to your EC2 instances (or wherever you are deploying to).

I recommend the first approach because there is only one pipeline, in a single region, but either approach can work.

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