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RDS Multi-region design discussion


Hi guys!

I'm designing a global application that host in 2 Regions.

My app use SQL database may be MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgeSQL...

My question is if Amazon RDS can deploy the database in 2 different regions and synchronize effectively?

1 Answers

There's an interesting AWS disaster recovery lab that gives information you might be interested. This page: gives an overview of replication options for various RDS database types. Aurora global databases might also be of interest:

Being a good distance apart will always mean a compromise between transaction latency and RPO whichever option you choose.

Out of interest, is the multi-region design for performance (to keep data relatively close to users) or disaster recovery? I guess you could have a pair of databases, one active in each region with a corresponding passive replica in the other region.

answered 13 days ago

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