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/IoT Rule SQL error for reserved topic/

IoT Rule SQL error for reserved topic


I'm happy to see that AWS added the connection status of devices & LoRa gateways.
I was excited to use a rule to process those messages downstream, but can't figure out how.

The connect/disconnect events are published here: $aws/iotwireless/events/connection_status/+/lorawan/wireless_gateways

But when making the rule the following query: SELECT * FROM $aws/iotwireless/events/connection_status/+/lorawan/wireless_gateways

Throws an error:

Unexpected character '$' $aws/iotwireless/events/connection_status/+/lorawan/wireless_gateways --------------^ at 1:15

Please tell me that this is possible and I'm just not understanding...

asked a month ago10 views
1 Answers

Whoops, my mistake. Looks like I had a simple formatting issue. Forgot the quotes... Should have been.

FROM '$aws/iotwireless/events/connection_status/+/lorawan/wireless_gateways'
answered a month ago

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