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/Support for Opensearch queries for Neptune nodes using OpenCypher/

Support for Opensearch queries for Neptune nodes using OpenCypher


There is Opensearch query support on Neptune using Gremlin and SparkQL according to the documentation. Can we do the same using OpenCypher as I prefer read and query operations in OpenCypher compared to Gremlin?

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Neptune's currently supports full-text search via OpenSearch using the Gremlin and SPARQL query languages. Neptune's openCypher implementation is our newest supported query language, went GA in April 2022, and does not have support for this integration. Based on feedback from customers, we will be working backwards to prioritize adding support for new features.

answered a month ago
  • Thanks for your support Dave. I am trying to use Gremlin to make Opensearch queries in a Lambda running a NodeJS environment. I haven't been successful in doing that. I have also asked for support for the same in another question. Please can I get some help with this? I am not able to move forward and I believe I am doing something fundamentally wrong with the setup of Opensearch with Neptune

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