Cannot select a target group with alb target type when creating an application load balancer


I want to creat a fargate service with an application load balancer.

I first created a target group by chosing "Application Load Balancer" as the target type, and chose "Add an Application Load Balancer later". The port is TCP:4000. Then I try to create an application load balancer with port HTTP:4000 in the same VPC as the target group. But I cannot chose the target group because the target group does not appear in the "Select a target group" selection list. How can I create an alb connecting to a target group?

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Please select "IP address" as the target type.

"Application Load Balancer" is a special target type used to target ALB from NLB.

If your service's task definition uses the awsvpc network mode (which is required for the Fargate launch type), you must choose IP addresses as the target type This is because tasks that use the awsvpc network mode are associated with an elastic network interface, not an Amazon EC2 instance.

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