Copy or share RDS Custom Snapshot from one region or account to another one


I´ve been doing some research and tests in order to copy or share a snapshot of a RDS Custom SQL Server database, but to no avail.

I got the next error when trying to copy the snapshot with AWS Backup:

You can't copy a DB snapshot for an instance in RDS Custom.

It does not work for cross-region or cross-account backups.

And if I try to share a manual snapshot, I got the next error:

You can't modify a DB snapshot attribute for an instance in RDS Custom.

There's no way to share the CVE either, so I'm thinking that maybe I will need to create everything from scratch in the second region or second account, and then restore the SQL Server database with a native tool or something along the lines.

Please advise, thanks!

1 Answer

as a workaround you can export the snapshot so S3 and share with your second account then

or another methot use SSMS like tools to create and restore backup of your SQL Database instance

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answered 4 months ago

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