OpenSearch stuck at updating service software for months


On updating service software version R20211203-P2, our OpenSearch cluster versioned Elasticsearch 7.4 has remained at 20% status for months. It is unable to proceed onto 'Creating a new environment' stage. Our cluster health is green, and all the nodes are healthy.

According to Why is my Amazon OpenSearch Service domain stuck in the "Processing" state?:

  • We have enough free IP addresses in our subnet
  • No KMS key is required as our domain is not encrypted
  • No pending tasks, CPU and JVM usage are within normal parameters. No index shards are stuck
  • Amazon Cognito is not enabled

As we do not have Premium Support with AWS, would AWS OpenSearch team still be able to assist to retry the process?

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Please open a support ticket to see whether they can see what´s the issue.


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answered 10 months ago

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