RDS MySQL not upgrading minor version (even though it shows "upgrading")


Both our main instance and our read replica do not upgrade when prompted, even though they show "upgrading" in the status. We wanted to go from 8.0.17 to 8.0.27 to take advantage of the new t4g instances, but the database is stuck on 8.0.17 regardless of what version we chose. Is this a bug or am I overlooking something?


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Hi Finn,

The most probable cause for an upgrade not moving forward, is that something in your database instance is failing MySQL's pre-upgrade checks. As mandated by the MySQL documentation, RDS executes the MySQL Upgrade Checker Utility and if their script results in any error message, the upgrade can't proceed until you fix the errors listed in the PrePatchCompatibility log file which you can find under Logs & events in the Amazon RDS console.

These checks used to be done only in major version upgrades, but in 8.0+, MySQL defined these should be run for minor version upgrades as well.

We've put together a Knowledge Center Article that should help: How do I resolve a preupgrade check failure in Amazon RDS for MySQL?

Additionally, if the errors in the log are not related to tables or data, the response on this other re:Post question might be helpful.

And, should these tips and links in the log file not be helpful in solving the incompatibilities found, I'd advise opening a support case for help with the specific error in your instance.

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  • Thank you for the answer, Valter_R.

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