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Receiving GetStaticIPs[us-east-2] Error from Lightsail Console


i recibe this message in lightsail console, my service not work Error Getinstances[us-east-2] Sorry, the server is currently overloaded and can't handle your request. Please try your request again later. Unavailable GetStaticlps[us-east-2] Internal Server Error Acknowledged

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2 Answers

Dear Customer,

There is an issue going on in us-east-2 region and AWS has acknowledged this issue.->"We can confirm that some instances within a single Availability Zone (USE2-AZ1) in the US-EAST-2 Region have experienced a loss of power. The loss of power is affecting part of a single data center within the affected Availability Zone. Power has been restored to the affected facility and at this stage the majority of the affected EC2 instances have recovered. We expect to recover the vast majority of EC2 instances within the next hour. For customers that need immediate recovery, we recommend failing away from the affected Availability Zone as other Availability Zones are not affected by this issue".

We really apologies for the issue. Soliciting your co-operation.

You can also review the below link for latest updates as well

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answered 18 days ago


Please check the Service Health console for the latest information as there appears to be an active issue affecting EC2 in that region

Operational issue - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Ohio)

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answered 18 days ago

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