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Polly Abbreviation Pronunciation


Polly pronounces "can't" as "can" + "back slash". How can I get an abbreviation like 't to be pronounced properly?

	'OutputFormat' => 'mp3',
	'Text' => "<speak><prosody rate='medium' volume='x-loud'>I can't do it</prosody></speak>",
	'TextType' => 'ssml',
	'LanguageCode' => 'en-US',
	'VoiceId' => "Joanna",
  • Polly is able to handle contractions like "can't", so the problem is likely being introduced by something in your code. Can you tell us which SDK or command line tool you are using to call Polly (boto3? Javascript SDK? AWS CLI?)? Can you also provide an example of the actual code you're using which results in this unintended behavior?

asked a month ago31 views
1 Answer

Can you check your character encoding is UTF-8? It sounds like polly may be picking up a forward slash escape character?

answered a month ago

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