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/transfer Elastic IP addresses from one AWS account to another?/

transfer Elastic IP addresses from one AWS account to another?


Are Elastic IP addresses transferable from one AWS account to another to be associated with an AC2 instance? or a least Allocate Elastic IP address on the ather aws account with same ip adresse?

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1 Answers

Yes, it is possible to move an elastic IP address across accounts. All you have to do is Open a support cases from both the source and destination accounts to authorize and acknowledge the transfer

---request content---
Elastic IP: 
source account id: 
target account id:  
Use case description:

Once the transfer is completed internally by the Support:

Source account A needs to release the EIP.

Target Account B allocates the EIP using the following aws cli

$ aws ec2 allocate-address --domain vpc --address [EIP]

Please also note An Elastic IP address is for use in a specific Region only, and cannot be moved to a different Region.

Hope this helps

answered 25 days ago
reviewed 23 days ago
  • Thank your response is very useful, but I do not have access to the technical support under the basic plan

  • Please just open an "Account and Billing support" case instead of technical one. Thank you.

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