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I am unable to connect to server to server using ssh. the error message is ubuntu@ip-60-0-0-48:$ ssh root@ ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection timed out ubuntu@ip-60-0-0-48:$

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Hi rePost-User-9876809, Check if port 22 is allowed for the IP address of the connection source in the EC2 security group. If so, make sure that the Internet Gateway is pointing to the target in the route table of the subnet to which the EC2 instance belongs.

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answered 12 days ago

Could you please help me how do you get the "ubuntu@ip-60-0-0-48" name. It appears to me it is a public IP, usually EC2 is named with private IP, if I am not wrong. How did you configure your public IP, static or automatic, if it is automatic and which may change, if there is any stop and restart occurs. Please also check your key pair and follow the link.

Please advise accordingly. Thanks a lot.

answered 11 days ago

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