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Step Function Wait time integers constraint error


Hello ,

I want to use the step functions 'Wait' shape in the flow, but the real challenge is the wait time in Seconds is restricting to integers only. I want to configure my wait step to 2.5 seconds, how can I do that? Please help me as i am new to Step Functions!

Updated: My Requirement is to control the wait time in milliseconds, so there is no point in restricting the time in Integer format, I don't understand why it is designed in that way??? any specific reason for restrictions?

2 Answers

if you need to control the wait time in milliseconds, how about considering to use timeStampPath and pass the value calculated from the current timestamp?

answered 3 months ago
  • As you can see in the same doc you pointed to, Timestamps are also only in seconds interval. You can't specify milliseconds.


Step Functions Wait state supports only integer values. Why do you need 2.5 seconds?

answered 3 months ago

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