How to map a file share on an Amazon EC2 Windows instance via a user data script?


We need to use shared drive to store data for WIndows based EC2 instance. Objective here is we should be able to map drive on Windows Server when it starts automatically. I found this blog a little bit complex and facing challenge in joining domain to windows server.

  • Might help if you provide some additional info such as:

    Are you using AWS Managed AD or Self-Managed What are you finding complex about the domain join process What are you using to host the file share

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Given what you describe, it is unclear that you are trying to match the use case that the blog illustrates. The goal of the blog that you reference is to a fleet of EC2 instances that is a part of an autoscaling group and have each map the FSx for Window servers. From your initial statement, it seems that you may only want to map a drive from a single server. Drive mappings in a windows environment are typically done per user - which would be a part of a GPO (Group Policy Object). If you have some process that needs to run against the mounted drive when no one is logged in, then you'll need to use the system account on the Windows client with a persistent drive mapping. Hope this provides you some avenues depending on your use case.

answered 3 months ago

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