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Route53 Cloudwatch Logs Dashboard


How can I view view Route 53 DNS Query logs in a dashboard in an easier way rather than say pushing them into Elasticsearch?

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asked 4 years ago41 views
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Once the Route 53 query logs are enabled, they can be viewed in CloudWatch console, and there is a dashboards menu that can be used to create simple dashboards, Beyond that with other options, such as Exporting Log Data to Amazon S3, just note that log data can take up to 12 hours to become available for export, you can do cron jobs for a scheduled export as well. One the data is in S3, it can visualized by using QuickSight, with the use of Glue and Athena for some data transformation if required, here is a sample. Alternatively, Using AWS CloudWatch in Grafana ,can also be looked at.

answered 4 years ago

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