Ubuntu Workspace in error state


Workspace ws-gmty84qc2 , region eu-west-1 is in error state. Can't start nor stop it. This is a very basic custom bundle with only one package installed. Can I do something to fix it or access some logs about the "error" ?

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Did you attempt a Rebuild?

answered 2 years ago
  • hi all, I have a similar problem with the new WSP version of Standard with Ubuntu 22.04 which launches and ends up in error. I have ensured we have the ports 4172 / 4195 (UDP) is open for traffic. The PCOIP version used earlier was successful. As per documentation we cannot roll back WSP to PCOIP as well and at this stage no Ubuntu workspaces are available to use.

    Any help is appreciated


No it was a fresh build. The ubuntu workspace is not customizable like the pcoip / al2 one is. I just launched a base 2022 bundle, added 1 package ( salt ) and created an image and bundle from it. Image creation succeeds, but the new workspaces launched with this image are stuck in "error" state. Clearly they never tried, there are load of errors in cloud-init-output.log, the thing is just broken. Finally I was able to delete it, I hope it will stop the billing.

answered 2 years ago

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