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Our users are receiving multiple copies of the same email that we just sent once


We are using AWS SES' SMTP to send our emails. We don't use bulk sending and templates. We sent them one by one. Our application logs show the emails sent successfully once. But our users report that they are receiving duplicate emails.

We are using the us-east-1 email service.

We have not done anything yet to see why this is happening. Our logs show that the emails were sent successfully and there is no way for us to know where to look at. Any suggestions to point us to the right direction is appreciated.

1 Answer

Hi Jerbersoft

From the note I understand you using AWS SES' SMTP to send your emails, but your users report that they are receiving duplicate emails.

Please note Amazon assigns a unique message ID to every email sent. Look in the full headers of the emails you received for an ID like the following:

If it is the same in both emails you got, then there is some sort of glitch between Amazon and the receiving SMTP server that is causing it to be resent. If the ID is different between the 2 emails, then you are sending it twice. Check link below to see methods to send email over SMTP[1].

I hope this helps.



answered 3 months ago

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