How2 Create SSL Certificates for IDNs (puny code) for Lightsail instances?


I'm currently working for a Bulgarian client that is using an International Domain Name (IDN). The domain is in Cyrillic (Bulgarian). I have converted the IDN to the appropriate puny code. However, when I try to create the ssl certificate on my Lightsail instance for Wordpress in the Bitnami stack using the bncert-tool, the tool doesn't recognise the puny code nor the Bulgarian language domain. the tool keeps asking me to "enter a valid domain name". Therefore, I can't create the certificates and secure the traffic to my customer's site.

How can I create SSL certificates for Lightsail instances for IDNs?

Help me obi wan, you're my only hope ;-)


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Have you tried following the steps for using Let's Encrypt certificates with WordPress instances?

Also, have you tried using the generated punycode rather than the unicode as inputs? If I try using unicode input - Добър.gb - then I get "Warning: Please enter valid domains." This sounds like the error you mentioned in your post.

If I try using punycode input - - then it proceeds to later step where it warns me the domain doesn't resolve, which makes sense since I don't have that domain.

answered 3 months ago

Hey Andy -

Thanks for getting back to me. Actually, it turns out that the problem was I was trying to use the bncert-tool to create the certificates. When I ran the Alternative Method and the created then manually http to https redirect rules, everything works!

So the steps were:

  1. Run the Alternative Method to create the certificates:
  2. Manually create the Redirect Http2https rules:

Now everything is working great!

It was about the bncert-tool, not the IDNs!

Thanks for getting back to me!

answered 3 months ago

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