Amazon Lex V2 Interactive Message with content type - application/vnd.amazonaws.connect.message.interactive.response


In my use case I need to use more than 6 options in the list picker, but as per "" this document I framed the Json Response of elements including show_more action button to be send from lambda, but If I click "show more" option I am not receiving any event in lambda to process but getting a json format in the name of Input chat transcribe in lex logs. Also where should I give the other options for show more action button in the lambda response format and how I can bring the next option when I click show more button,

Kindly help me on this.

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  • To show more than 6 options in the list picker, you need to implement action buttons as described in the documentation link you provided. The action button payload returned from your Lambda function can include additional options in the "elements" array property.
  • When the "Show More" button is clicked, your Lambda will receive a Lex event with the user's input as "Show More". You can then return a response with the next set of options.
  • To capture customer details like email/phone in the chat, include prompts in your chat contact flow to collect this data. Use the "Store customer input" block to save the values as contact attributes.
  • Configure the Amazon Connect CTI adapter mapping to sync the contact attributes to custom fields on the Salesforce Task. This will populate the details on the agent's screen.
  • You can test by sending sample payloads to your Lambda and verifying the additional options are returned correctly on click. Refer to AWS documentation for examples of building interactive message responses.
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answered 2 months ago

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