Elastic IPv4 New Charges.


Along with others I've been informed of the charge starting 1st Feb 2024. I have a single Elastic IPv4 address.

I've been browsing a few articles regarding setting up IPv6, which is somewhat new to me, as is all the hoops I need to go through to set it up.

I'm running an Amazon Linux 2 EC2 instance for my business and private websites, mail server and that's about it. Very low traffic.

Am I right in saying that despite Amazon wanting us to migrate to IPv6, unless I can guarantee all my clients are operating IPv6 then I will still need an elastic IP plus DNS A records?

I'm guessing that even if you have a modern OS with IPv6 setup by default, if you have an older router that doesn't have IPv6 set up those clients will still need IPv4.

Apologies, I learned my networking stuff some time ago, I've been aware of IPv6 for some time, but I'm not sure about the overall adoption percentages of IPv6 - If almost everyone has IPv6 then I can look to spend a few more hours with the AWS documentation and set up IPv6 and AAAA DNS records and ditch the Elastic IP and remove my DNS A records - Saving a few $ annually.

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Your understanding is correct.
If the client using the application does not support IPv6, IPv4 will be required.

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answered 25 days ago

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