iot created job template links to a job document in a s3 bucket called s3.a



$ aws iot create-job-template --job-template-id 'test-job-template' --description 'test job template' --document-source ''

Creates a job template in IoT Core, however, if I navigate to the template from the AWS console and click on the Job file link (labelled testJobDocument.json), it tries to take me to, i.e. Amazon S3 > Buckets > s3.a > bucketName/iot-jobs-documents/testJobDocument.json, which I don't have permission to access. I'm not sure how or why the extra "s3.a" level appeared.

Is this expected behaviour?

Thanks, Gary

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Hi Gary. I think this is an issue on our side. I've raised it internally and will post a comment here when there's any update (or if I'm incorrect). Apologies for any inconvenience.

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answered 9 days ago
  • No inconvenience at all - I'm making great progress.

  • This issue is now resolved.

  • Thanks Greg

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