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EC2 to VPC migration -> can't tell what service we need to migrate



regarding the dismissal of non-VPC instances, we keep getting the notice about resources running on EC2 and don't get what service is the 'culprit'.

We have:

  • 1 EC2 instance (the name being vpc-XXX so I assume is ok)
  • 1 RDS instance (the name being vpc-XXX so I assume is ok)

In addition to that we also have:

  • 1 S3 instance
  • 3 Elastic ip
  • Security Groups
  • some volumes
  • subnet masks
  • key pairs

Is it possible that one of said services triggers the notice? Is there a way to 'filter' them and tell for sure what resource we need to migrate?

Any help would be greatly apreciated.

Thank you


1 Answer

Use the EC2 Classic Resource Finder script to find all of the EC2-Classic resources in your account. You can run this directly in a single AWS account, or you can use the included multi-account-wrapper to run it against each account of an AWS Organization. The Resource Finder visits each AWS Region, looks for specific resources, and generates a set of CSV files.

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answered 12 days ago
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reviewed 12 days ago

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