Use RDS Postgres Replicas as a cluster


RDS Postgres allows adding up to 5 replicas. But when I create a replica, it creates it as a single instance, not as a cluster. If I want to add RDS Postgres Replicas in a cluster, so that they all can share load from my application, how can I do this ? (so that application can handle more load)

I know this is possible with Aurora replicas, as Aurora creates a cluster of replicas which has single endpoint and which can scale in or scale out. But All normal RDS Postgres Replicas are created like single instances with different endpoints.

Is it possible to make RDS postgres replicas as a cluster with 1 endpoint?

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RDS replicas do not provide out of the box load balancing capability amongst all running readers. Each once has its own endpoint, and you would have to manually put a load balancer/driver in front of it for re-routing connections as per requirement.

answered 2 years ago

In Aurora the single cluster endpoint will always connect to the single read/write instance in the cluster. The replicas are read only and must be chosen explicitly by the application in order to be used. RDS replicas function the same way. In order to switch between them you need to run a load balancer for the DB or you need to have your application choose which database to use.

answered 2 years ago

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