How do I report a bug present with EBS snapshot feature in "AWS console"?


I found likely bugs in AWS console when using EBS snapshot feature. How do I report a defect or bug in AWS?

Following is the issue. I am allowed to choose even a "Terminated" EC2 instance while attempting to create a snapshot. Further it incorrectly shows an EBS volume belonging to another EC2 instance which is running(not terminated) for the terminated EC2 chosen for snapshot generation. First of all it is a bug to allow a terminated instance to choose from a list of EC2 instance to create an EBS snapshot and then showing an EBS volume of other EC2 instance is second bug.

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The first is desired behaviour. It allows customers to snapshot an EC2 instance that they have accidentally terminated so that they can recover the data.

That is shows the wrong EBS volume is definitely not the right behaviour. Please create a support case for this issue.

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answered 2 years ago
  • if the EC2 is terminated and the EBS was deleted based on the configuration(delete EBS on termination) there is no way to capture snapshot? How do i report a support ticket? I only have "Basic Plan".

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