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Migrating On premise windows Domain controller to AWS EC2


Hi Team, We have a requirement to migrate windows domain controller to Aws EC2. It's kind of lift and shift and without using AWS managed MS AD or any paid AD services. Could you please shed some lights on this or share sone details about migration strategy ?

Quick help is much appreciated. Thanks, Srikant

2 Answers

There's a pretty good outline on all of this available here including the steps you'd need to take to promote your EC2 instance.

answered a month ago
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  • Thanks.Can i demote the on premise AD after it is proven to be operational ? Does it clone all AD objects(Users,Groups,Computers) to AWS from on-premise ?

  • The guide covers all of that in detail -- for example, you shouldn't demote your on-prem AD unless you have connectivity to the AWS AD server from your on-prem environment.


It really boils down to just these 2 options.

  1. This assumes that there is network connectivity either Site-to-Site VPN or DirectConnect between your on-premises environment and AWS without overlapping CIDR ranges. For this, just stand up new EC2 instances and dc promo them as additional domain controllers in your forest. Once the new DCs are fully operational, you can set their IP into the DHCP option set for the VPC.

  2. If you don't plan to connect the two environments, then you can use the AWS Application Migration Service or VM Import/Export to make block-level duplicates of the on-premise servers, even keeping the on-premise IP addresses (if the network topology allows it).

answered a month ago
  • Thanks Michael. Can i demote the on premise AD after it is proven to be operational ? Does the option 1 clones all AD objects(Users,Groups,Computers) to AWS from on-premise ?

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