Disable Cookie popup in AppStream Web client


I'm using AWS Appstream 2.0 to deliver windows applications through a browser to students in university (including Europe). To achieve this, we use the webclient embedded in another page. However, every time a student starts a session, they are presented with a Cookie popup from AWS.

How do I disable cookies when embedding the AWS Appstream 2.0 web client?

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If I understood your issue correctly, Appstream web client (web broswer with appstream link) is embedded with another webpage, right? In that case, Appstream web client is basically a browser, it could be Chrome, Firefox. So check the browser specific documentation on how to disable it.

answered 7 days ago
  • It is not really answering the question. We are using AppStream to build a service for other users. I don't want to bother these users with a cookie popup. I actually want AppStream to stop asking my customers to accept cookies from AWS.

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