Is there any other way to use AWS multi region access point other than cross region replication?


My use case requires using multi region access points as I currently have my cloudformation template in us-east-1, which has to run when any user wants to onboard his account(the cloudformation template will create some specified resources in his account automatically and launch the stack for the same). Now, if the user has his region specified as us-west-1(or any region other than us-east-1) will the cloudformation template be able to create the stack for creating said resources? Or will it fail? I have thought of one solution for this use case by creating replicas for my s3 bucket which currently has the cloudformation template by using Cross Region Replication but I want to find a more affordable approach as the data transfer costs might be huge for this approach.

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Hi there,

There is an options to create MultiRegionAccessPoint, I think this is what you are looking for. However, from AWS documentation it is stated that your stack has to be created in the same region where your bucket was created even though S3 is global.

answered 2 years ago

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