Are the broker IP addresses static?


I am creating a cluster deployment of Amazon MQ (with RabbitMQ engine).
Are the broker IP addresses static? and is it also true after maintenance?

Thank you.

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Thank you so much for reaching out !

AmazonMQ broker IPs will never change under any circumstance for either ActiveMQ or RabbitMQ which are private or public brokers. The Architecture is built in such a way that you are essentially interacting with an NLB Created in the AWS Account as opposed to the broker instance itself (which can change); this is shown in the service architecture in the below links:


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Hi there,

The IP address is generally not static and can subject to change after it goes through a restart and/or maintenance window.

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Hi ranand,

Paritosh-AWS is correct. To further clarify, for ActiveMQ, we don't change the data traffic ENI, we just reattach it to the new broker instances (if instance replacement happens for any reason i.e. MWs or instances going unhealthy), hence IPs are not changed for ActiveMQ brokers. For RabbitMQ, we use NLBs and the IPs of endpoints created are static.

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The IP addresses of ActiveMQ brokers in AWS are not static by default. AWS Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) is commonly used to distribute traffic across multiple instances of ActiveMQ brokers, and ELB assigns dynamic IP addresses to the instances. This allows for scalability and fault tolerance, as instances can be added or removed dynamically.

If you require static IP addresses for your ActiveMQ brokers, you can configure an Elastic IP (EIP) for the instances or use other networking solutions such as Network Load Balancer (NLB) or Application Load Balancer (ALB) with static IP address support. By associating EIPs or using load balancers with static IP addresses, you can ensure consistent access to your ActiveMQ brokers.

It's important to note that managing static IP addresses may involve additional configuration and cost considerations, so evaluate your requirements.

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