How to install packages in lambda running linux machine


I have a lambda service which tries to call a WCF service. But I can't directly invoke the service as there is virtual IP set in between. So my lambda needs to call the virtual IP from there the call is redirected to the specified WCF service. While trying to make the call, I got below exception from the service.

"GSSAPI operation failed with error - An unsupported mechanism was requested. NTLM authentication requires the GSSAPI plugin 'gss-ntlmssp"

I searched for a solution and most of them says need to install GSSAPI plugin in the linux machine that runs the lambda service. I don't know how and where I can do that.

I am new to this. Looking forward to all the supporters.

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You can include additional libraries when you create your Lambda function:

You haven't mentioned what runtime you're using but there are instructions in the documentation for each of them.

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answered 6 months ago

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