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I have AWS hosting. I created a WordPress website. Since 2 weeks the website is not loading. Also, I am unable to open my WordPress dashboard.

I paid for amazing technical support but no one is responding. It has been a week.

Also, how can I retrieve my backup?

Can someone please help me. Thank you!

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As you say you are on a paid support plan, it would be best to open a Technical support case at

re:Post is community supported and contributors here can do their best to help you as well.

Your website has been unavailable for two weeks, the first thing to establish is whether it is running on EC2 or Lightsail (or something else).

If it's on EC2 then in the instance in a running state, and if you look in the Monitoring tab is there any sign of excessive resource consumption?

Many years ago I ran a Wordpress website on a free tier EC2 and found that a memory leak in Apache was making my EC2 become unavailable after about a month. The fix was to restart Apache once a week.

Unfortunately the EC2 section of the AWS Console doesn't display metrics for memory use, you'll need to setup CloudWatch agent to collect these

Also, how can I retrieve my backup?

What method are you using for backup?

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answered 9 months ago

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