Issue with Step Function Creation


I was trying to create a Step Function and I have used the existing execution role. It just throws the below error each time I try to create it.

"An error occurred while creating your state machine, please try again."

    1. Have you created execution role manually?
    2. Have you ever started State Machine with this execution role?
    3. Is it possible to share the execution role?
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Hi Rajkumar

From the note I understand you trying to create Step Function and you have the existing execution role and it throws an error each time you try to create it?

First verify that the IAM role that your state machine assumes still exists If not create a new one[1]. Please note some of the issues that might cause the error; 1.State machine definition issues (for example, no matching rule in a Choice state) 2.Task failures (for example, an exception in a Lambda function) 3.Transient issues (for example, network partition events). And by default, when a state reports an error, AWS Step Functions causes the execution to fail entirely.

I hope the above information is helpful. References:

1. 2.

answered 2 years ago

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