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/java.nio.channels.UnresolvedAddressException when trying to create a topic in Amazon MSK/

java.nio.channels.UnresolvedAddressException when trying to create a topic in Amazon MSK


I created and deleted topics on my Amazon MSK for weeks. But today when I use the same zookeeper connection string I get the error: java.nio.channels.UnresolvedAddressException

The only difference is I upgraded the java version on my linux instance to Java 17. Can that cause this issue? Nothing else has changed

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Hi there, even though full support of Java 17 is included in later versions of Kafka, I did not see any issues with some simple data plane commands like creating or deleting topics from Apache Kafka 2.7.0 client. It could also be a transient network issue while connecting to zookeeper. Instead of zookeeper string, can you try using --bootstrap-server <broker string> and see if that works.

./ --bootstrap-server <broker endpoints> --list

answered 5 months ago

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