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EC2 Docker Site Issue



We are trying to launch an application with EC2 which deals with video rendering. I launched an instance using GPU inference as our project requires GPU help.

EffyBiz EC2 Instance

I am using a combination of Flask - Docker - Nginx for the web app. Following is the Dockerfile:

Dockerfile config

The Docker container has been up since saturday.

Docker Conatainer is running

I am trying to access the app through the public dns provided

DNS Address

But I'm not able to access it.

Please let us understand what is lacking here. Is it a configuration issue? Or I need to deploy the app anywhere else in order to run it?

Regards, Novneet

1 Answer

You've probably not configured the Security Group correctly to allow external connections. If you want to access the instance via HTTP + HTTPS, you'll have to add inbound rules for TCP port 80 and 443 for example. How to update the Security Group is described here in detail:

You may want to check as well if there's any Network Access Control List rule assigned to the instance subnet that is blocking traffic. Information on NACL usage can be found here:

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answered 2 months ago

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