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Scale errors on simple CloudWatch Dashboard


I have a very simple CloudWatch Dashboard Just show CPU and Memory usage of my ECS service.

CloudWatch Dashboard

The CPU value in the tooltip is ok, but the scale is wrong The scale must be between 0 an 100, but is showing a weird 129 for a CPU value of 99,3

Any idea about how solve this issue? looks like a AWS error.

asked 10 months ago52 views
2 Answers
Accepted Answer

Looks like you've used the "stacked=true" setting for a Metric Widget, hence you are plotting all metrics on the graph in a "stacked area" visualization. Only use this for metrics that add up logically.

In your case CPU is being added to the Memory below it, giving the 120 value. Remove the stacked setting, or set it to false (default). Also consider moving the Memory metric to the right Y-axis so the scale of each metric does not "drown out" the detail of the other.

answered 10 months ago

Actually, CPUUtilization of ECS service can go over 100%. It's because this metric is not for CPU utilization of host machine, but rather for CPU utilization of CPU units allocated to your tasks. There are more details in AWS doc. Though for the chart itself - indeed there seems to be an issue somewhere as those figures do not match, but it's not that obvious which one is wrong.

answered 10 months ago

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