Why don't REST api gateway and alb connect?


I know from the following page that the rest api service and the alb service are not connected.


However, I am curious about the specific reason why nlb is connected to the rest API but not to alb.

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Api Gateway and ALB can be integrated.

See this Knowledge Base article: https://repost.aws/knowledge-center/api-gateway-application-load-balancers

NLB can also be integrated with ApiGateway: https://aws.plainenglish.io/private-integration-between-http-api-gateway-and-nlb-4f3127784287



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answered a month ago
  • The first link is the same as the one I attached, where API Gateway and ALB are not connected directly, but through NLB. What I'm curious about is why alb and api gateway are not directly connected.

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