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Hello, Is NodeJs Still not officially supported for Gamelift custom server Sdk ? and is it a good option as a Backend for a MOBA RTS-type Unreal Game? Any help is much appreciated

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Node.js is not officially supported for GameLift custom server SDK. GameLift primarily supports C++ and C# for creating custom game servers. While there have been community efforts to create unofficial Node.js support for GameLift, it's not officially endorsed or supported by AWS.

Here you can find the supported programing :-

When it comes to choosing a backend technology for a MOBA RTS-type Unreal game, Node.js can be a viable option depending on your specific requirements and constraints. Here are some considerations:

MOBA RTS-type games often require low latency and high throughput, especially for real-time gameplay. While Node.js is known for its non-blocking, event-driven architecture, it may not be as performant as languages like C++ for computationally intensive tasks or handling large numbers of concurrent connections. However, it can still be suitable for handling other aspects of your game backend, such as matchmaking, player authentication, or social features.

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  • Ok thanks for the reply I agree with you that C++ a good choice for actual game logic

    I think the core logic of gameplay can be written in C++ itself inside Unreal using Gamelift custom server SDK and a server build can be created And the Backend(Node) will be interacting between the game client and this server build

    is that the right flow and choice?

  • Yes, that sounds like a reasonable approach. Using C++ for the core gameplay logic within Unreal Engine, combined with GameLift custom server SDK for managing game server instances, can provide high performance and control over the game environment.

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