Update eks сluster from 1.25 to 1.26


Hello team, could you please help me.

I try update eks сluster from 1.25 to 1.26, I update cluster using consol aws -successfully. Then I use the console to try to update k8s on the nodes and fail. I get error -> NodeCreationFailure Couldn't proceed with upgrade process as new nodes are not joining node group prod_eks_nodes_group

details: I click button EKS->Clusters->mycluster->Node group: mygroup-> New AMI release version is available for this node group. --- Update now

After that, three new nodes are created, for about 25 minutes they exist and then they go into satus termite.

Nodes do not connect to the cluster

I can connect to the new node and use telnet i can ping the cluster DNS name I checked the limits and restrictions

I tested upgraded the stage cluster to version 1.26 and had no problems

In April, I updated this production cluster from version 1.24 to version 1.25, the updates went through normally and have not made any changes to its work in rights and permissions.

I would like to try turning on EKS->Clusters->mycluster->Manage logging, and run the update again, would it help? Will it help to understand the cause?

Could you tell me please how can I find the problem

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2 Answers

Rather than reinventing the answer, I would suggest you read this page: https://repost.aws/knowledge-center/resolve-eks-node-failures

answered a year ago

In the official release notes, it is mentioned to update the VPC CNI before performing the EKS control plane. Perhaps you have missed this step "Before you upgrade to Kubernetes 1.26, upgrade your Amazon VPC CNI plugin for Kubernetes to version 1.12 or later. If you don't upgrade to Amazon VPC CNI plugin for Kubernetes version 1.12 or later, the Amazon VPC CNI plugin for Kubernetes will crash. For more information, see Working with the Amazon VPC CNI plugin for Kubernetes for Kubernetes Amazon EKS add-on." https://docs.aws.amazon.com/eks/latest/userguide/kubernetes-versions-standard.html

answered 7 months ago

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