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/AWS MSK - Creating a client Machine/

AWS MSK - Creating a client Machine

    • Have created an AWS MSK Cluster and created an AWS Client Machine Windows 2019 t2.xlarge instance type.
    • Both the MSK Cluster and the AWS Client Machine reside on the same VPC and the appropriate security groups have being assigned.

I am unable to connect from the client machine, its giving client socket connection issues ( though the security groups looks proper) The Tutorial @ is mostly for Linux. So instead of it I am using the equivalent windows batch files in \kafka\bin\windows/ E.g. kafka-topics.bat file.

For the Windows Version, do we have to start the Kafka Server and Zookeeper ? Can you please let me know if in Windows Client Machine the commands are different ?

1 Answers

Since you started MSK cluster are you sure that the cluster is at the correct VPC and subnet? Make sure the Subnet has proper NACL and Security Group set with corresponding Routing table in VPC. If all are good then finally you can move to your . has many flavours you can go with PLAINTEXT or SASL_SSL . If your MSK has public endpoint then you probably cannot do PLAINTEXT but if its private then you can use PLAINTEXT make sure to keep "security.protocol" to either one of those value.

Client properties settings Reference: Tutorial for PlainText : Tutorial For SASL :

answered a month ago

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