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How to Make a Game Server Activate Itself?



I am wondering if there is any way that a game server can activate itself without receiving the onStartGameSession event?

The scenario I am looking at is roughly like this: I am using a 3rd part matchmaking library; This library allows the game server starts a session and wait for the players. I am planning to make the stand-by game servers create their sessions and wait until a player connects to them; At this point I want to make a call to a GameLift api like ActivateGameSession to tell the GameLift the server is activated so that it adds another game server to stand-by pool.

The problem I have here is that in the documentation it is mentioned that the ActivateGameSession should be called in response to the onStartGameSession event.

Is the scenario I described possible to implement with the GameLift? If it is, how could I do it? Are there any caveats?

Look forward to hearing from you.

Regards, Aydin

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Hi Aydin,

It sounds like your use case is to have a holding pool of game servers ready to place matches as soon as the matchmaking library returns a match, is that correct? Have you considered using fleet auto-scaling to scale up your fleet based on utilization?


answered 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago

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