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Hlw , Actually i am facing an issue, my DMS is working properly it loaded all the tables but S3 is showing some tables...i didn't get what the main issues ..Please guide me .....

  • Can you pls. elaborate more on the issue? What;s the exact issue

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-Verify the mapping rules and filters defined in the DMS task. Make sure all the required tables are included as per the filters. -Check the IAM role used by DMS has necessary permissions to read from the source and write to the target S3 bucket. -Go through the replication logs and check for any errors while loading data for specific tables. -Monitor the table statistics section in DMS console - it should list all tables being replicated along with load status. -Try running a smaller subset of tables as a test to isolate the issue.

As a workaround, you can also load the full database dump file directly to S3 using AWS Database Migration Service instead of replicating individual tables.

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answered 20 days ago

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